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IoT in Action EMEA Virtual Learning Experience

IoT in Action is now digital as we launch a collection of online training resources to help you better navigate shifting business priorities and IoT needs. Learn with us as we explore the following topics that can help you move forward in your IoT journey and innovate with confidence.

Watch our IoT in Action Stories with selected partners and learn in our Proposals about the values of specific IoT scenarios on Intelligent Edge, Intelligent Cloud based on Microsoft’s and Partner’s Azure-based solutions in your particular vertical:

  • Discover how to leverage IoT solutions to enable connectivity in an ever-evolving world
  • Learn how you can place your IoT solutions on a foundation of security, freeing up resources for continued innovation and business transformation
  • Explore what it means to digitally transform your business and how IoT can play a critical role
  • Listen to how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) help handle data volume and edge analytics
  • See how you can improve business processes with IoT, including loss prevention, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance
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Find the right partner for your business needs

As you look to pivot existing initiatives or receive additional support, finding the right partner is a key piece of the puzzle. Whether you need support digitizing operations, staying connected with customers, or developing solutions to better serve the needs of society, Microsoft and our partners can help you get to the next stage of your IoT journey.

Once you sign up, you receive exclusive access to the Partner Finder, an online portal featuring partners ready to help you build, customize, finish, or deploy a solution. Browse the IoT solutions and services they have available, and once you’ve found the right fit for your needs, a Microsoft team member will help introduce you.

Find the right partner for your business needs

Featured partners

Available content

12:00AM - 12:00AM

IoT in Action Stories with ABB: Seamlessly scaling Industrial AI from smart assets to cross Enterprise value pillars

The primary outcome sought by companies today is alignment to maximized asset predictability and visibility. Achieving this through the proposition of operational integrity, cost & energy efficiency and operational risk controls – is the core proposition of the ABB Ability™ Industrial Analytics and AI Suite. The solution helps asset-intensive industries with complex processes make accurate insight-driven decisions and respond rapidly to operational considerations by utilizing digital technologies and Industry 4.0 principles for visibility and control across the entire value chain. ABB and Microsoft joined hands in a Strategic Partnership to develop this innovative Industrial Analytics and AI Suite. It leverages the combination of ABB’s Industrial domain and Engineering expertise with Microsoft’s Cloud and On Premise IT investments and know-how to create an industrial analytics and AI platform to drive Digital Industrial Transformation.

12:00AM - 12:00AM

IoT in Action Stories with Accenture: Accenture Connected Construction

Connected Construction is a solution built on Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform combined with Edge analytics and PaaS cloud components. The result is a scalable solution able to accommodate different types and sizes of projects. The platform enhances worker safety on site, tracks the workers’ collective movements as well as the location of each piece of equipment, and captures historical records in a way that provides site supervisors with valuable data-driven insights.
12:00AM - 12:00AM

IoT in Action Stories with Canonical: SMART IoT: A Better Experience for Linux Developers

As the IoT transformation moves to scaled out deployments, how can Linux developers take advantage of available partnerships, platforms, and software solutions that are available to accelerate time to market. Developers need to work smart today, as the need to support increased product life cycles highlights the need for continuous product innovation. The need for secure and software defined devices to address current and future product-fit is critical for long term success. Tom Canning, VP Device and IoT at Canonical shares his recommendations on 3 fundamental solution areas when Canonical helps Linux developers achieve a better and smarter developer experience to meet current IoT challenges.
10:20AM - 11:10AM

IoT in Action Stories with Reply: How to add value and accelerate with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fastest growing technology market in the world. For this reason, it is important that the companies choose the right products and services for their solutions in order to reach the needed scalability and security level without neglecting the real needs of the customer. In this video, Daniele Vitali (Founder and Partner of Connect Reply) and Vincent Ohana (Managing Director of Concept Reply) will share a comparison of two broad categories of IoT: consumer and industrial, the challenges each mainstream faces and what solutions their teams have developed for today’s market.
2:45PM - 3:25PM

IoT in Action Stories with Invenda: Transforming retail with artificial intelligence , innovation, and automation

Learn more about how Invenda Solutions is transforming automated retail from the Founder and CEO Jon Brezinski. Leveraging Microsoft Services and Products Invenda is digitalizing the retail space and creating additional revenue streams for brands and operators. With Invenda, you unlock the full potential of your Vending machines, both new and old. Hear how you can transform your business today!
11:10AM - 11:50AM

IoT in Action Stories with PTC: Accelerating digital transformation across the enterprise

PTC and Microsoft have strong partnership with integrated industrial solutions that simplify digital transformation and accelerate successful business outcomes. Learn more with real customer examples how companies use these complementary technologies today to drive successful transformation across products, processes, and people, and what best practices we see for IoT deployment.
12:50PM - 1:35PM

IoT in Action Stories with Schneider Electric: Helping hospitals thrive with critical EcoStruxure solutions

Digital transformation, IoT and other disruptive technologies are bringing vast opportunities to support healthcare’s important objectives. This enables healthcare teams to be more confident than ever that their critical infrastructure will be available, reliable and resilient—because healthcare never stops. Watch in this video how Schneider Electric and Microsoft are leveraging digital technologies to make a meaningful difference in the efficiencies of operations and enable truly connected, digital hospitals.
12:00AM - 12:00AM

IoT in Action Stories with OrangeNXT: Making the world a little smarter by connecting People, Devices and Data

Especially now, during the Covid-19 crisis, we need to lead every organization through this disruptive period so we can protect our people, maintain operations and sustain everyone’s business during the pandemic and beyond. In this video you will learn about the key principles you need to master in order to be ready to reinitiate your business. The products and references we highlight can help in keeping our social distance, in order to keep our people safe and provide the sustainability organizations need in these challenging times.